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MC Command Center (or Master Controller Command Center, MCCC) is probably the greatest mod for The Sims 4. It’s purpose is to expand the functionalities and story progression within The Sims 4. It comes with multiple options that tackle different functionalities: adjusting household bills, pregnancy behavior, time settings and many story progression mechanics. If there’s anything you’d like to tweak from the way The Sims 4 behaves – the MC Command Center mod can do it.

MC Command Center features

MC Command Center is so big, it has been divided in multiple modules for your convenience. You can choose to install all of them or simply the ones you need. But, in any case, you must install the core module simply called MC Command Center.

Core Module: MC Command Center

This is the main module. It is required for anything else to work, regardless of what combination of other modules you desire. The Core Module contains several settings and command-line actions (which can be run from The Sims’s command-line accessible using Ctrl+Shift+C.

All settings for MC Command Center and its modules can be located by:

  • Clicking on a computer in-game.
  • Typing “mc_settings” at the console.
  • Clicking on a sim (to open other sim-specific commands).
  • Clicking on mailboxes.

MC Career

This module handles career-based functionalities. It offers a work-around to the way the Sims 4 core-script assigns career jobs to households marked as “Played Households” if they are not the active household and employment ranges for each age-group, among other things.

MC CAS (Create a Sim)

The MC CAS module allows control and manipulation of Sim appearances down to individual body parts. Ranges can be set for the biggest and smallest each of these body parts so Sims generated by the game will use the ranges as desired. It also provides some built-in functionality like changing the bellies of pregnant teenagers as they progress through the pregnancy.

In the Sim menu, MC CAS allows changing various features that are Sim-specific and found in the CAS screen in the game like Name, Voice, body appearances and fitness/fat. Also, “Favorite Drink” can be changed from the MC CAS menu.

MS Cheats

The cheats module contains various cheat commands to execute on a Sim or all Sims in the world. It will activate a new menu on the Sim MCCC menu and on the mailbox. There are no settings for MC Cheats, only commands. Cheats in MC Cheats for Careers include:

  • Change Vacation Days
  • Reset Career Branch
  • Career Promote
  • Career Demote
  • Change sims mood

MC Cleaner

The MC Cleaner module contains functionality to clean-up various aspects in Sims/lots/neighborhoods. This functionality runs automatically on scheduled nights at midnight, so there are no command-line actions for MC Cleaner. The schedule for all MC Cleaner events are shown on the overview page.

MC Clubs

The MC Clubs module gives some options to club-functionality in game such as allowing new Sims to join the clubs periodically if they are eligible based on the club filters Part of MC Clubs functionality, by default, is to allow clubs to be limited by gender in addition to other limits so any other mods with similar functionality is not needed and no settings are required to enable this functionality.

MC Control

The MC Control module contains functionality that allows an NPC Sim to be given interactions to perform with another Sim on the lot. There are no settings for MC Control, only commands, and those commands are just Interactions that can be performed between two Sims.

MC Dresser

The MC Dresser module contains functionality specifically oriented to creating a list of items wanted (whitelist) or not wanted (blacklist) outfits within your Sim community.

MC Gedcom

The MC Gedcom module contains functionality to bypass a specified Sim’s family tree into standard GEDCOM format to import into a compatible Family Tree program.

MC Occult

The Occult module allows changing some Occult Sim options (Vampires and Aliens). Some of the features include:

  • The way some occult-specific interactions work (like alien abductions).
  • Control who can and cannot get pregnant through alien abductions.
  • Setting what types of offspring will be born when aliens become pregnant with other Sims.
  • Setting what types of offspring will be born when vampires become pregnant with other Sims.
  • Enabling a “Risky Vampirism” option that can spread vampirism through feeding.
  • Changing the experience rate on Vampire skill progression to make it easier or harder to level-up a vampire. Additionally, a setting is available to allow NPC vampire Sims to skill-up as they age.
  • Modifying the vampire aging so it is more configurable. An exact age that vampires stop aging can be set, beyond the “Young Adult” that EA has set as a default. Or, aging can be set to “Normal” Sim aging and vampires age like any other Sim.

MC Population

The MC Population module contains functionality related to creating new homeless Sims or moving out elders.

MC Pregnancy

The MC Pregnancy module contains functionality specifically oriented to enabling other Sim households within the neighborhoods to have children and get married.

MC Tuner

The MC Tuner module allows changing the way interactions behave. It includes an object scanner to find autonomous interactions and allow the player to enable/disable the autonomy of those interactions.

MC Woohoo

The MC Woohoo allows various common Woohoo options to be available as settings. Some of the options currently supported are:

  • Teen, elder and family Woohoo.
  • Same sex pregnancies.
  • Risky Woohoo and adjustable Try For Baby success percentage.
  • Disable jealousy.
  • Allow polygamy.
  • No strings woohoo (no romantic relationships needed).
  • A “Drink birth control” interaction on active sims to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

If you wish to read the features of each module in depth, take a look at the documentation on the official MC Command Center website.