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Height Slider Mod


The Height Slider Mod introduces the possibility to scale a sim’s body. It can be used by dragging the neck up and down from the front of the sim.

Height Slider Mod features

  • Scale a sim’s size.
  • Four different height body presets, Short, Medium Short, Medium Tall, and Tall, are also available, in case you don’t want to manually adjust the height yourself. You can find this by going into the Body Presets section in CAS.
  • The slider and preset are Teen and older only, as kids and tots have awful distortion when trying to adjust height.

Extra features

  • Neck tall/short slider. Adjusts the length of the neck, simple as that. This can be used with or without the height mod, but there will be clipping issues between Sims of different neck heights. This can be found by dragging the neck in profile view up and down. Teen and older.
  • Hip shape slider. Adjusts the shape of a Sims’ hips . Can be found by dragging the side of the hips up and down. Teen and older.

Compatibility notes

  • Like the other height mods, this does have clipping issues in game. This is not something that can ever be fixed, unfortunately. It is just the nature of the game since it was built with only two different heights in mind (child and adult).
  • Interactions such as hugging and kissing between Sims of different heights are not going to line up. However, Sims that are the same height (short-short or tall-tall) work quite well together.
  • Sometimes the hands or feet of Sims disappear when adjusting the height. A game restart is a temporary solution.