The ATM, Credit Cards and Loans is very helpful when your want a member of a household to move out and keep some of that household’s money.

ATM, Credit Cards and Loans Mod features

Functional ATM

You find a new ATM object under Electronics/Miscellaneous, named “ATM SimPoint”. It costs 10.000§. When you sims click on this ATM they can get a credit card or apply for a credit.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards in The Sims 4 can be bought at the functional ATM or via in-game computers. There are 5 different credit amounts:

  • Standard – 100§ / 500§
  • Green – 1.000§ / 2.000§
  • Silver – 5.000§ / 10.000§
  • Golden – 25.000§ / 50.000§
  • Diamond – 100.000§ / 150.000§

When your sim buys one of these cards, he will keep it in the inventory and you can sell it again for the same amount whenever you want.

Applying for a Credit

When you apply for a credit, your household will get the money transfered to their account immediately. A document with the Credit Agreement will appear in your sim’s inventory (and it’s not deletable!). Your sim will pay a daily rate to pay back the credit (with a 10% interest).

You can choose up to five different credit values. You can apply for multiple credits simultaneously, but never the same type until the previous one is paid.

  • 2.500§ / 10 Days / 275§ per day.
  • 5.000§ / 20 Days / 275§ per day.
  • 10.000§ / 25 Days / 440§ per day.
  • 25.000§ / 50 Days / 550§ per day.
  • 50.000§ / 50 Days / 1.100§ per day.

Additional credits: this mod was partially developed by Zooroo.

ATM, Credit Cards and Loans


  1. Hi sam, How can I download this mod? I am talking about the ATM, Credit Cards and Loans Mod. Do I have to become A Patreon in order do have access to this mod?

    • There’s a download button at the end of the post. It will take you to the modder’s official website where you can download the mod!


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