The Sims fans are currently waiting for The Sims 5 to be launched with doubt in the back of their heads. Fans have created their own trailers and shared these over the internet, as well as dozens of wishlists with features they would like to see in The Sims 5. You can check out some of this fan-made content in our Sims 5 Community section. Even though EA has not made any official announcements regarding the release of The Sims 5, we performed a thorough investigation to conclude when (and if) The Sims 5 will be released. Check out this article to find out!

With every Sims release there has been a major technological advance: The Sims 2 featured a full 3D environment for the first time, The Sims 3 featured a truly Open World and The Sims 4 introduced the character creator with direct manipulation. So what will The Sims 5 bring to the table?

While waiting for The Sims 5 to have an official announcement of a release date, fans have been speculating about this game’s features for quite some time. There have been rumors that the fifth edition of The Sims franchise could feature some Virtual Reality capabilities.

According to the rumor, a post was published on Reddit asking fans if they were ready to “Live in the world of The Sims”. Unfortunately, the post was quickly deleted, but not before some fans were able to get a quick glimpse at the post.

Find out the truth behind these rumors and whether it is even possible that Electronic Arts is considering this change for The Sims franchise in the following lines.

Who is investing in Virtual Reality?

The Virtual Reality technology has been percolating in fits and starts for the past 20 years. Now it’s not only here, it’s the next frontier, and companies from Facebook to Google to Microsoft know that VR is likely the next step up from phones, tablets and computer screens. They’re all jockeying to dominate the next big computing platform.

Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard are just the start. The HTC Vive is the next big competitor, and PlayStation VR may well be VR’s mass market breakthrough. But the real race is just starting.

VR companies have already raised a lot of capital, with 234 companies bringing $3.8 billion in the past five years, but serial entrepreneur Amitt Mahajan, the co-creator of FarmVille, said in an interview with GamesBeat that he thinks that the VR revolution is just at its beginning. Augmented and virtual reality are expected to grow to $150 billion by 2020, according to tech adviser Digi-Capital. Mahajan said VR is generating a similar amount of hype as social and mobile games were a few years ago.

Will Electronic Arts invest in Virtual Reality?

Electronic Arts’ CEO Andrew Wilson said in an analyst call a few months back that Virtual Reality is an “unbelievable innovation” but that it will take “a couple of years before it is a mass market opportunity.” The CEO’s bearish view is consistent with the notion that the initial wave of VR games and headsets hasn’t been a huge hit with consumers yet.

“There’s not a lot of new news on VR for us,” Wilson said in the call. “People have come to terms that VR, while an unbelievable innovation, is going to take a couple of years before it is truly a mass market opportunity. We are in the same situation where we were. We have enabled VR capability in Frostbite. We have delivered a VR experience. We are still looking at what a sports game will look like in VR.”

Jason Rubin, the head of studios at Oculus VR, said in an interview that he isn’t surprised that the big companies like EA and Activision Blizzard haven’t jumped into VR yet. Smaller companies are moving into VR, and they will stake out the opportunities first. Once that happens, the big companies like EA will likely acquire those that have the lead.

But, with all that said, is Virtual Reality the right step for The Sims franchise? We don’t think so. Keep reading to find out why.

Could The Sims 5 feature Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality doesn’t seem to be what most fans of the franchise are asking for. Players seem to be looking forward to a smooth, high-quality combination of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

The main reason why we don’t see The Sims 5 in Virtual Reality happening is that The Sims is typically not a first person game. The purpose of Virtual Reality is to allow players to feel like they are part of the game, that they are inside the world. But in The Sims you don’t have control over a single sim, but all of your household at the same time.

For this kind of gameplay to be possible in Virtual Reality, you’d have to control one single sim, or jump from one to another. Not to mention the added difficulty while entering the build mode. In our opinion, introducing VR in The Sims 5 defies the purpose of the game.

But we don’t dismiss the possibility that The Sims 5 could have some features in Virtual Reality. For example, you could be able to record a VR video from one of your sims’ perspective, and share it on a VR Gallery. Many simmers enjoy recording short movies of their sims, so you could record these stories in VR and share them for others to see with their VR headsets. Even a cheap mobile headset like Google Cardboard (5-14$) would suffice for everyone to see these videos.

But what do you think? Are you excited about this possibility? Or do you feel like this would be another step in the wrong direction for The Sims franchise?

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  1. I looked into buying VR a year or two back, but nearly everything was first person shooter, which I had no interest at all in. The whole point of VR would be to enter alternative realities, not to kill/shoot things…and I didn’t see much, so it didn’t look worth the investment. If they get a variety of things for adults and women, not just teen-age boys…yeah.

  2. VR is the future. We have the Oclulus Quest and it’s fantastic. Sims 5 in VR would be interesting, but not everybody seems to be ready for VR yet.

    I would like to see EA get more involved with VR games, perhaps even remastering some of their older games to reach the VR platform. We’ve experienced some older games going onto the VR and it becomes a much better experience.


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