The first sims game, named simply The Sims, was released in February 2000. By March 2002, The Sims had sold more than 11.3 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling PC game in history at the time. Seven expansion packs and two deluxe editions later, The Sims was discontinued and Electronic Arts released the The Sims 2 in September 2004. For a period of 5 years, Electronic Arts released eight expansion packs and nine stuff packs for The Sims 2. Over 400 exclusive items were also released for this game via The Sims 2 Store.

Electronic Arts released The Sims 3 on June 2009. With this release, EA announced on April 2009 that Will Wright, who designed the original game, had left Maxis to pursue a personal project. Eleven expansion packs and nine stuff packs were released for the third generation of the series. It wasn’t until September 2014 that Electronic Arts finally released The Sims 4. As of January 2018, five game packs, four expansion packs, and twelve stuff packs have been released for the fourth generation of the series.

Will there be a Sims 5?

During the early days of The Sims 4, Maxis made it clear that they were focusing entirely on the success of The Sims 4 before even thinking about a next game. On The Sims official forums, producer Grant Rodiek stated the following:

“We’re not working on Sims 5. We’re not thinking about Sims 5. If Sims 4 isn’t successful, there won’t be a Sims 5.”

So now, a few years later, we can ask: Was The Sims 4 successful? The answer is yes. EA confirmed that The Sims 4 drove solid revenues and delivered excellent margins. With several downloadable content packs delivered throughout the years, as well as game updates that offered more choice and fan-requested features, The Sims 4 community is thriving. In addition, EA announced a new mobile version of The Sims in July 2017. We can assume they wouldn’t have invested in it if the game it’s based on was flopping.

So the release of The Sims 5 is not only speculation, but an eventual reality that holds the future of the franchise. Now people are looking forward to a Sims 5 release date and we expect it will come out in late 2020. Why so? Keep reading to find out.

The Sims 5 Release Date

So why did we start this post with the history of The Sims releases? Well, since there is no official release date for The Sims 5 as of December 2019, we can only make an educated guess. This is the pattern the previous releases have followed:

Release Date Years developing expansions Number of complex expansions
 The Sims  2000  3  7
 The Sims 2  2004  4  8
 The Sims 3  2009  5  11
 The Sims 4  2014  5 and counting  9 and counting
 The Sims 5  2020?  –  –

There have been at least four or five years between each release of The Sims titles. We know that The Sims 5 will not come out in early 2020, because Electronic Arts would have already announced so. And we see that there have always been an increasing number of complex expansions with each release, so The Sims 4, with only 9 big expansions to date, is not quite there yet.

With all this information, we can conclude that there is a high chance that Electronic Arts will spend 5 or 6 years developing expansions for The Sims 4. And that there will be at least two more expansions for The Sims 4, possibly 3 or 4 more.

So why do I say The Sims 5 will come out on late 2020? For various reasons, but mainly because of the current popularity of The Sims 4, which gives opportunity for more expansions (let’s be honest, EA will try to juice The Sims 4 as much as it can), but also because of the increasing complexity of modern games. With every Sims release there has been a major technological advance: The Sims 2 featured a full 3D environment for the first time, The Sims 3 featured a truly Open World and The Sims 4 introduced the character creator with direct manipulation. So what will The Sims 5 bring to the table? Whatever it is (and I hope it’s progressive aging), it will take time to develop.

Furthermore, on the early days of The Sims 4, fans actively expressed their disappointment with some of the missing features that came “by default” on earlier games (such as pools and toddlers). It is likely, but not guaranteed, that EA will try to avoid this much bad publicity again, so the next generation should have more of the “expected” features from the start, which will also prolong the development.

With all of this taken into consideration, we expect The Sims 5 release date will take place around late 2020.

Not to mention this beautiful pattern, and the fact that 2020 will be the 20th Anniversary of The Sims, but we won’t know for sure until EA makes an official announcement:

2000  2004  2009  2014 2020


  1. The Sims 3 to the future premiered in October 2013 and the sims 4 came out in September 2014. I also remember that The Sims 4 was announced even though the dlc of The Sims 3 Adventure on the island had not come out. All this means that perfectly The Sims 5 can be announced at the end of this year and its premiere at the end of 2019

  2. I m a sims fan, there are something’s i don’t like about all the games, but sims is sims and I love the sims game. All I ask for is to make the sims 5 an open world and let the families be able to move out into their own homes where they can go visit each other and have family to come visit them. It’s no fun having everyone live in the same house. Let the families grow up and move out like sim 2 game and still interact with each other.

    • sweetie you can move people out of your household in sims 4 and still communicate with them so i don’t know where your getting your information from buts it’s so very wrong

      • Hey all you have to do is go to manage worlds hit manage households and create a new house hold. Now you can move around people as you please.

      • I think I remember playing it in Sims 3 but I also remember that although you could walked or drove your sim to downtown, You couldn’t really go in to some of the shops and do what you can do like we have in Sims 4. Grocery, Cinema and the bookshops were some of them. I think if we are going to add the open world like in addition to what we already have in Sims 4, would require huge memory and storage capacity. Good luck to old PCs and those playing on consoles.

    • I agree with Kathryn Johnson and hey stop with the expansions , more control over the building of your home more like original simss not sims 4 , if youre going to have activities then include all items that would accompany said activity ..for instance a pool , include slide, diving board, high dive maybe, floats etc

  3. Only thing I hate about The sims 4 I hate they need because it seem like you can’t play the game because they have to go to the bathroom or they hungry and you can’t get anything done so I wish that you would change that

    • The sims speak “Simlish”, it is a made-up language. The dialogue is in English, I think it would be weird if they were to speak English after 20 years of not..

      • They’re talking about the Sims actually speaking.The original game introduced a spoken dialogue, “Simlish” to make it easier for the developers to not have to hire voice actors/actresses for each language. It’s also been said that not understanding what they’re saying is better than hearing repetitive dialogue over and over again.

        • i learned how to speak simlish back when sims 2 and 3 was out. thanks to my daughter coming home speaking it after school. i learned simlish cause of her. she was a big fan of it. and she was always happy if i new what she was saying. so no i would hate to see sims in english. and i thank my daughter would come down from the heavens and take over sims if they did so lol. but yea learn sims online there is a lot of sites out there that teach it. there not hard to learn. kind of cool really.

    • Simlish makes the game more universal. If they had them speak english they would have to have 3 or so language options for everybody.

  4. I want an open world and a colour weel for hair. I want cars Because they don’t have cars in the sims4 which really sucks.

  5. I love all the sims games. I just wish u guys make urbz sims in the city 2 or the sims busting out 2 or the sims 4 castaway. Or make the game that u can go inside there work or have kids that have math clubs in there school. Put college in the sims games. Make Alien in the game in the sims. The sims 4 medieval or the sims medieval and pirates. I have so many ideas wat u can make sims. Make the teens gets pregnant in the game.

    • Literally like all of those things are in the game, you probably just don’t have the packs. There are aliens, clubs, careers you can go to work with Sims for, City Living, and now university. And teens can get pregnant if you have the MC Command Center mod.

    • Medieval was a separate “spin off” from the original world but what you’ve mentioned can be done with the packs or with a mod as RL mentioned.

  6. I never want them to ever to stop making the sims games. I love playing the game. I want the sims 6 and the sims 7 and the sims 8. I plays sims 4 all the time on my ps4

  7. I never want them to ever to stop making the sims games. I want the sims 6 and the sims 7 and the sims 8. I plays sims 4 all the time on my ps4

  8. I want roads and I want the sims 5 to add height groups. I don’t want a loading screen that takes a long time to visit places. I want there to be more world that you can visit.

    • I think the best approach in this way is to make the neighborhoods open world where if you wanted to visit Susan across the street you could just go to Susan’s house instead of a load screen but I don’t want to go to the bar and NO ONE ELSE there. The open-world had problems too! but I do think open neighborhoods would make more sense than going to the gym when you are at the library in willowcreek and having to deal with a load screen.

      • I agree! I so wish they would implement some kind of open world/neigborhood so we spend less time in loading screens, shouldn’t have to wait 45 seconds to go visit the house RIGHT next to mine. I get the taking vacations and moving need them but honestly doing stuff in the same world should take less time. OPEN IT UP EA! 😀

      • Yea I think that would be a good compromise to have open world neighborhood but you need a loading screen when you leave that neighborhood. Because while I know my computer can handle open worlds like in TS3, not everyone has a gaming computer and already when they had to increase the spec requirements some people were upset and left behind because of their old computers. But at the same time some of these players want open worlds while experiencing lag in TS4 and much more in TS3.

  9. I hope that The Sims 5 comes out on chromebook and is a it cheaper because I have a chromebook and not a mac or windows

  10. Sims 5 probably wont come out for another 5 years. This is EA we are talking about. They are greedy. They will squeeze every drop of profit they can from Sims 4 and it’s expansions before moving on. There is a lot that hasn’t been incorporated into the Sims 4 and there is still so much potential. They need to bring back the ability to form a band.

  11. I know that it’s probably impossible but I hope they make it Chromebook compatible because a lot of us can’t really afford windows or mac… Let alone the actual game and expansion packs along with other things. 🙁
    I just wish that these things were cheaper but I understand that people have jobs and need to be paid.

  12. y’all should make it multiplayer where u can play with real friends and family with more interaction on the game i would really love that in sims 5 please DO this i think plenty of people would want this as well because…. i really have been wanting to play with my family in this game and when we play together we don’t really experience the same and we would love to have play dates with our kids and all of the above etc. Thank You <3

    • This was done years ago, it was called “Sims Online” and it failed. I was part of the beta and enjoyed it, even though it was buggy. Then they tried adding more features and even changed the way things worked. What started out as a great idea became a mess. Maybe someday they can get back to that.

  13. I’ve been playing since Sims 2. Now I’m on console (ps4) with the Sims 4, I love it honestly. Just wish it had more options for a storyline or something along those lines. They give you endless possibilities, which is wonderful, but after awhile I get this lost in space feeling. No direction, which gets boring fast.

  14. I love the sims. I have a suggestion. If they can make the worlds more open. You shouldn’t have to load constantly just to visit a neighbor, park or venue. Also bring car vehicles to drive around in the neighborhoods. If that’s possible. Another suggestion I ask is to change the teens. They look like young adults. Last but not least to introduce seasons or different weather patterns that make you have to fix up your property.

  15. Sims 4 needs to have Easter so the kids can go on Easter egg hunts and fix up spooky day so they can go trick or treating like on sims 3 and the fairs like on sims 3 for the different seasons of the months so that they can get there face painted have snow cones play a bit of soccer and bring back the movie Theatre so the sims can Go and watch a movie together and so that there’s jobs to work at theatre

  16. Honestly the way Sims 3 played was perfect. 4 did introduce a lot of cool stuff like the pets can take care of themselves for the most part, running the vet clinic, the different variations of part time jobs. But 4 failed in a lot of ways. The clunky build mode, the way time passed was painfully slow, the lack of creativity to change colors of your wallpaper or clothes. The limited voice selection in the CAS mode, the awkward “story” questionnaire. And the insane glitches like people vanishing if they don’t live in houses?

  17. If anyone wants a more fun way to play and haven’t done it yet, I’d definitely recommend trying the legacy challenge!

    And it would be cool if they could bring a few more things into 5 like idk funerals, prom, graduation, go to school like you would go to work and as much as I did love 3 for open world it did make it painfully slow to a point where you couldn’t even play anymore so I feel it would be nice to have an open neighbourhood so only homes in that area are open and you don’t have to go into a loading screen to go next door?

    Anyway I love sims been playing since 2002/3 and happy with anything they bring out really! <3

  18. I haven’t bought sims 4 in part because I love the open lay out out of sims 3 and I don’t want to give that up.
    I would actually love to see more age groups. I mean child is between 5 and 12. I feel it be nice to have a break up in that age range, like younger child (5-8) and older child (8-12) at least. Same with the teen years. I mean that’s 13-19. They could at least have and age progression when they enter middle school and high school. Seniors are also an issue. Technically senior can be considered between 55 and up. May be have an age progression with every decade?
    I would also love to see more user friendly options with building. Especially smoothing out and elevating land. I would also love to see more worlds and more vacation spots. Maybe do 2 or more vacation expansion packs instead of one.
    I’d like to see more career options.
    I also loved the scuba diving option on sims 3. It would be awesome if this was an option anywhere there was a large body of water.. I’d love so see more wild life. More things to collect, and more fantasy creatures.

    • LOL! You must be pretty young if you think 55 is a senior! I would think senior would be when you can start to draw social security (in the US), right now that’s around age 67. In the game though, the seniors look about 75 or older But I agree, there need to be more age ranges. I’d like to see about six ranges for kids: babies, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary, tweens, teens. I also like the idea of a bit older each decade.

  19. I love the Sims and would be happy to see a Sims 5 installment. It would be a perfect game with color wheels, add height customization on Create a Sim, open world, and for the love of God, if it is normal in real life it should automatically be part of the game. Laundry day, Cats and Dogs, Seasons should be in base game play. Yes, DLC the heck out of vampires and magic and jungle because people don’t do that ish every day. But if humans do it every day (drive cars, ride bikes, watch movies, do laundry etc) add it to the base game!

  20. I agree with everyone’s wishes on here…. I think in the near future maybe not with sims 5 but joining rockstar games and kind give the sims a grand theft auto world where you can move your sim around in a big city town or whatever and start off fresh from high school I believe that would make a awesome gameplay for the sims future along with rockstar games….

  21. I’ve been a fan since the very first Sims ever and totally get the loading screens being a pain. I would like to see yet another more mandatory connection within relationships. Per se, your sim’s pregnant .. choose a doctor & allow us to make appts. If your sim has a baby.. choose their pediatric or you’re a pet owner so choose your vet. Within the Spy/Detective career .. there should be ACTUAL sims WE can create that commit crimes (criminal career) and either get caught or don’t. You’ve hired BLANK BLANK as your lawyer and BLANK BLANK is going to be your judge that court day (add as event). Basically give us A REASON as to “WHY” we need to know the sims we know, other than relatives and gfs or bfs. Within those specific type of relationships there could be at least 2/3 special interactions for each. Don’t just make my dog all smelly & green, full of fleas ev 2 days w/o giving me the guilty trip of forgetting to take him to his monthly well-check LOL. Y’all got the calendar system figured out, so let us plan our appts. & set reminders on our S-phones. Long story, finale . . . allow me to have a REASON why I need to socialize with so & so. Realistically, I still feel that the Sims lack when it comes to character. And for god’s sake, if I’m gonna pay for a babysitter or gardener .. you should at least ALLOW me to choose WHO it should be. Same with a maid, if we can do it for parties we can do it for residence duties. Everything else is a plus for me. FIN

    • I’m shook. I never once thought of this but, now that I read it, I want this SO BAD! It makes so much sense. I rarely socialize with other sims or the NPCs and this idea would make it so much more meaningful and I’d probably actually want to spend time with other sims. Love it.

  22. Of the sims 5 comes out I think it’ll be more like 2022 rather than 2020 (watch plumbella’s visie she explains it wel). And I think that open neighbourhoods would be good so you could travel to your neighbours house but if you want to no to the gym or club you go through loading so the game doesn’t lag and more sims could be there when you arrive. I also think that you should be able to build multiple house on one lot. Like in England they have the connected houses and there those little house apartments (the places that are multiple houses on the same land plot with like multiple letter boxes out front) I think it would be good for this because it’d feel mire connected.

  23. A lot of you are asking for improvements that are already there, if you aren’t happy with the progression of sims, the sims resource literally has thousands of mods wish modifies your Sim to your wildest dreams. I Think the biggest or the most exciting thing that could possibly be developed is the graphics, they always improve and I’m looking forward to having brain shock! By how realistic everything looks.

  24. I honestly feel like the Sims5 will be to realistic and I would not like it. I feel like all the videos about the Sims5 are so different from one another, So I would like to a see a real Official trailer from EA, I honestly don’t like the idea of the sims 5.

  25. My biggest pet peeve with The Sims 4 is that they basically regressed because there were so many features lacking that were present in previous iterations. I have always been more of a builder, so you can imagine how upset I was back then and still am that they didn’t include a colour wheel and patterns. The swatches they present are very limited, and why the hell can’t you alter the bed linen without altering the bed frame?! You could do that in The Sims 2, which was, incidentally, released in 2004. In essence, EA’s mission with The Sims 4 was so find ways to stifle your creativity, not unleash it.

    • Once I found out the original engine for TS4 was meant for mobile I understood why its so limited. EA being EA didn’t want to shelf it so that’s the main reason why we’re stuck with such a limited version. EA wants to milk TS4 as much as it can but it would’ve done better if they had just waited and started fresh but it’s a for profit company so that wasn’t going to happen.

  26. I’m not a dog or cat fan; I want farm animals that one can relate to, one’s that provide milke, eggs, horses that can plow a field or provide tranportation; the world is made up of more than just pets and humans; a world with no other animals is a fabricated world where there’s no interaction with the planet we live on in reality. I like that some mods have created birds, fish, that can inhabit our homes, too. A grocery store where real organic food is sold, for home preparation is also a better reality, especially for those of us that can’t afford such a lifestyle for real.

  27. I’m having a difficult time finding a place to make suggestions, or a “leave a comment/suggest an idea box” for The Sims 5, so this seems to be the place.

    I feel like the game would benefit from bringing back a “Direct Control” option like they did in The Sims 2 Pets. In The Sims 2 Pets they gave players the choice of the “Classic Control” and “Direct Control” options. At the the push of a button you were zoomed in and able to control each step your Sim took with the Left Stick/WASD Keys and could walk around and click on and interact with things and other sims.

    This would be especially awesome with a “Local Multiplayer / 2 Player Mode” option as The Sims 2 Pets did not have this like the original The Sims game, and was greatly emphasized by players and fans that it was missing a local co-op feature.

    I sincerely hope the developers take/have already taken this information into consideration, and we will see it in the next game in the series The Sims 5.

  28. In the sims 5 I really hope the sims plans on doing a little more with toddlers and babies. I mean when you have a baby irl you always carry them around with you, toddlers are always up your butt. Like theres no you time. in the sims 4 theres too much mee time. pregnancy isnt realistic at all. And as for the towns, I wish they had more options. either way sims is the best game around and ill be loyal no matter what. each game always upgrades somehow 😀

  29. I think sims 5 will come out when the PS5 comes out !! They said PS5 will come out towards the end of the year so I am thinking around Christmas! So I think when PS5 comes out so will Sims 5 I hope !!

  30. Why don’t you add the Arabic language in the game, the Arab people are very big, and the game is terrible, but we cannot understand it. We fear like Arabs

  31. Hi, if we do have a Sims 5, I would like to see sims with disabilities. Their levels of need would range all the way from those who have very little trouble with verbal communication, to those who are completely unable to communicate in any way, shape, or form. From those who need one on one assistance with feeding, personal hygiene, dressing, or other basic self care needs, to those who are independent with even the most advanced self-care activities. From those who can be left alone for an unlimited amount of time, to those who can not be left alone for even one second. From those who need a wheelchair to get around, to those who can walk very well independently. From those who find it very difficult to read, write, or learn basic academic functions, to those who can handle even the most advanced academic skills. From those who need a hearing aid, to those who have very sensitive hearing. From those who are completely blind, to those who are able to see very well. From those who find it very difficult to connect with the sims around them (or are simply very introverted), to those who enjoy socializing with other sims, and are good at making and keeping friends, but struggle with knowing what is appropriate and when. From those who can function easily in even the most highly skilled employment settings (such as medical, law enforcement, veterinary, journalism, culinary, business, entrepreneurship, conservation, engineering, film, music, art), to those who find it difficult to handle even the most unskilled jobs (such as factory worker, farmhand, grocery bagger, cashier, food service worker, workshop employee, etc.).

    I would like my sims to be able to have disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Bipolar, Intellectual Disability (borderline, mild, moderate, severe, and profound), hearing impairments (hard of hearing), visual impairments, auditory processing, sensory integration disorder, dyslexia, etc.

    I would like my sims with disabilities to have ALL of the same traits as sims without disabilities. The reason for this is because I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (very mild, little to no delay or difficulty with verbal communication, cognitive skills, or interating with others, although I do have trouble knowing what is appropriate and when), and I feel like having a disability should never define who you are as a person, or what personality traits you can have. And just as with sims without disabilities, I would like to be able to choose all of the traits of my sims with disabilities.

    I would also like to see career options such as special education (this can even be added as a branch of the education field), occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, behavioral therapy, physical therapy, psychology, psychiatry, job coach, or other careers working with sims with disabilities.

    Another thing I would like to see is the ability to build private day schools right in the neighborhood. I would like to be able to build private schools for students with disabilities, private schools for gifted children, private schools with a special focus, private schools for special learning styles (ex. hands-on, auditory, visual, multisensory).

  32. But do we really need Sims 5? Couldn’t they just focus on making Sims 4 better with updates and new games. I’m clearly no expert but I’m personally fed up of having spent money on building up a game base on one version to then have a new one coming out and have to start over. Clearly I’m not forced to do this or buy the next one but I will end up doing this and they’ll have more money off me and I’ll stop playing Sims 4 more and more and I’ll have wasted hundreds of pounds. Just focus on making Sims 4 what you want it to be!

  33. I think on sims 5 they should have everything mods and custom content on the game and can be available for all console and ios and laptop and tablets

  34. They said that unlike last Sims games, you can’t go by past dates. People forget that Sims4 is different in that it’s basically bought and downloaded fully online and updated that way. They don’t use discs any longer. Also, early 2020, they plainly said on Twitter that Sims4 had years of life still left in it. I’m not a Sims 4 supporter, because I loved open world on the Sims 3. They do have placeholders on games like PlayStation 5, but that’s all it is.

  35. The pandemic has put a serious wrench in any plans. While the developers can still work, big release parties are a no-go. Also with so many having last their jobs and the economy being at best unstable, releasing a new game is not a safe bet right now.

  36. I want it to be were you can pick up babies from their crib not just do basic interactions with them. And like put them on the floor like the sims 3.

  37. I want there to be a colour weel like the sims 3 more hairstyles cars and everything you can get in the game not just buying packs.

  38. I want the sims 5 to be on the ps5 and i want there to be mods on the sims 5 console because it’s unfair how they have it on the pc and not the PlayStation games.


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